Howdy Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Teachers, Caregivers, Babysitters, and everyone else taking care of little cowboys and cowgirls! This is an introduction video to Cowboy Jack - Educational and Fun Videos for Kids geared towards you, to meet Cowboy Jack!

Howdy, I'm Cowboy Jack! I'm an actual parent with a little cowboy and cowgirl of my own! Cowboy Kaden is 4 and Cowgirl Addison is about 1 and a half now. They are my inspiration for everything I do and wanting homegrown educational content for my own children is how this all started!

I make educational and fun videos for kids. Each week, I hosts a virtual field trip to a new location or new experience and we learn and play as we go! Do you like science? Want to learn shapes and colors? Have you ever explored the inside of a police car? Every adventure is packed with new educational experiences for kids of all ages!

Children are led on each virtual field trip and spoken to peer-to-peer with clearly annunciated words, expanding their vocabulary and knowledge as they laugh and play.

Thank you for trusting me to entertain and educate your children with this platform. I hope that you find the content wholesome, educational, inspirational, motivational, and fun!

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